Saturday, 10 March 2012

Intuitive Healing Course!

"Charu’s Intuitive Healing course is exactly what humanity needs and is asking for…… pure love in action!" -Jo Pollit

On the 24th and 25th February, I held the first weekend of my new Intuitive Healing Course here in Cheddar, in southwest England. It was a phenomenal experience to see how fast people can transform and what beautiful healing can come through them after just a couple of days! The participants were drawn from all walks of life, with varying degrees of experience in healing. It was a pleasure to watch them bond effortlessly and mature rapidly in their capacity as healers inside the space the course provided.

We began with a meditation and intention-setting that brought us into clarity and focus for what we wanted to achieve. Each activity we did facilitated deeper and deeper shifts. The sharing and Q & A was deeply investigative, thought-provoking and touching. The attunements were very strong, and the paired healing and sensing was deep and profound. It was beautiful to provide the opportunity for the group to delve into some creative artistic expression and to do a beautiful group healing exercise with each person receiving healing in the middle of the circle of budding healers. We had gorgeous, spring-like weather and got to play outside as well, in the sunny garden with a view of Cheddar Gorge! I am so pleased to finally be offering this teaching, after many years of feeling called!

I am off to North America in a month, teaching and offering individual treatments in several locations. I’m making plans for Vancouver Island early/mid April, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento and L.A.throughout May, and June, and NY early July. I am in the process of solidifying dates and venues. Please email me with any suggestions and/or contacts you might have for my trip.

If you are in the U.S. and would like to do the course or have a treatment, let me know. Where are you located? Would you attend the course if we could provide accommodation? I take all of your feedback into consideration as I plan venues and the routing of the trip. I am still looking for venues along the West Coast and in New York, and would also very much appreciate a place to stay and publicity. If you know people in the States who might be interested in healing, please introduce me to them, forwarding this newsletter on to them. If you love what I do, tell other people about it! Help me help the world, creating Oneness through healing!

"Charu is a unique and powerful healer; her presence is one of compassion and care for everyone she meets. It was a complete privilege to be offered an opportunity to spend time learning and being with this remarkable healer and carer of humanity. I felt so safe, nurtured and nourished over the 2 days, this allowed me to fully open up and embrace my own healing, whilst learning a powerful, pure, natural healing technique. The only thing that made it easier leaving this course and the energy that it created was knowing that I’m going back!!"
-Jo Pollit

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Concluding the 40-day Intention Setting Process: Ceremony at Stanton Drew Stone Circle

On Winter Solstice, the 22nd December, I travelled to Stanton Drew stone circle with my partner Nandana to honour and release the intentions we had all been working with together. In my hands, I carried the papers containing all your photos and intentions which have journeyed with me and been held in sacred healing space these past 41 days. Through these papers, I have been offering you healing and prayers throughout our time together, including sending healing every night before bed, when I often fell asleep with your pictures held to my heart. It’s been an extraordinary privilege to work with you all, and I wanted to complete our journey in a symbolic and powerful way.

When we arrived at Stanton Drew, we stood outside the Great Circle and called on all the guides, teachers, and wise ones to be with us. We prayed for each of us to receive the support and guidance that we need. We asked for help and inspiration in our journey of manifestation.

What came through very strongly at the completion of this part of the process was the awareness that the predominant element that holds us back from fulfilling on all of our intentions is our negative beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world we live in. The feeling was that actually, our negative thoughts about the world and others are rooted in our negative beliefs about ourselves and especially in our belief that we are separate. We declared that as we stepped into the circle, each one of us would be set free from these negative beliefs, and especially from the pain of self-negativity.

We entered the great circle, walking slowly inwards, and stopped when we felt the energy of the centre. Lighting incense, we offered it to the earth. Several times we tried to set light to the papers there, but due to the cold wind, we could not get them to catch fire.

After a few minutes we realized that the stones were calling us over to use them as a shield from the wind. We walked towards the North East Circle, a smaller circle almost adjacent to the Great Circle, and stopped beside a large low stone placed between the two circles. As we approached this stone, we were reminded of the purposefulness we had felt at Avebury a couple of months ago and at Stanton Drew the first time we visited; the stones have a divine purpose to support the awakening of humanity. They want to work with us. They have been created and empowered intentionally to serve this purpose, and we perceive that they feel deep loss when they are not used in this way. (This is particularly evident to us at Stonehenge, where due to a protective fence, the stones can no longer interact with humans on a daily basis.)

We crouched together next to the large low stone between the two circles, creating a windbreak. We felt held by the stone’s embrace as we lit the papers; they caught fire immediately! Calmness settled over us as the stone emanated love, stillness and unity. It was like a magnanimous father transmitting acceptance and unconditional love to all his children who are limited by their perception of themselves as imperfect, separate beings. We were briefly carried into a state of Oneness with all of creation.

Working with the stones in this way connected us with the Divine Power that is always waiting to fulfil on our intentions, and bring us Home. This experience was an intimate, sacred interaction; a small opportunity to fulfil on the divine intention of these magnificent stones. We felt their power and generosity transmitted to all of your intentions as they were set free to return to the Light. As winter passes and the light returns, know that your prayers have been heard, your efforts recognised and your hearts seen. You are held in Love.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Set yourself free to thrive!

As we enter December, we become profoundly aware of the drawing in of the nights, the approach of the Winter Solstice and the end of the year. All of these signify completion; the ending of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It’s the perfect opportunity to take time to evaluate the year that has gone before in order to set ourselves free to welcome the New Year with a fresh perspective. What steps would we each need to take in order to have closure on 2011, so that we could move joyfully into 2012, with love and clarity?

Getting truly complete requires radical acceptance. It is easy to look back on the past and judge ourselves or another, forgetting that the wisdom that we have now we didn’t have then. Remember, as human beings we always do the best we can in any given situation. It’s the mind that comes in afterwards and condemns or judges. The heart knows acceptance, peace and letting go. The heart has no memory, it is only present, available to the moment. Getting the past complete is an opportunity to open the heart and accept life exactly as it is.

There’s a lot of rhetoric about looking to the future and manifesting our dreams. However the unprocessed past, which we have left unfinished in our hearts and minds, holds us back from really being able to move forward in creating all that we are inspired to create.

For most people, forgiveness is a crucial aspect of completing the past. I have written about forgiveness before, and about how important it is to have the correct attitude of love, compassion and acceptance when invoking the energy of forgiveness. We carry the past with us because we think it tells us important information about the world. We cling to the past in a vain attempt to keep ourselves safe in the future. Forgiveness is simply letting go of the need to hold on to the old perspective. It is the willingness to approach each new situation afresh, trusting our inner wisdom and listening to our hearts.

So what practical steps can we take to get closure on the past so that we can be free to create an inspired life that really speaks to us of the fullness of our hearts? The answer to this question will be different for each person. What I have done in this article is put together a few resources that are designed to support you in this process. Imagine if this Winter Solstice could be THE opportunity for finally declaring the past complete!

If reading this article inspires you to deal with a specific aspect of your life, I invite you to get in touch to book a session either in person or by skype/telephone. One of the things we focus on in individual healing sessions is releasing the past, allowing us to fully engage all our energies in creating lives that really inspire us. You can also work with the resources I have offered you below, including the Garden Meditation which I have recorded to support the release of old contractions and the creation of new intentions. Give yourself the gift of completion this Christmas! There’s no better time to do it, with 2012 just around the corner.


1) I have recorded a guided meditation to support you with this process, it’s available at Soundcloud: The script is also available below, for those who would prefer to read it for themselves.

2) A ‘ritual of release’ is a powerful way to invoke the energy of closure. To do it, it’s best to choose a night when the moon is full or almost full. Gather a few friends, or do it alone if you feel safer. Take a bowl of water in which the moon can be reflected. Create sacred space by chanting Om three times, or whatever other invocation speaks to you. Invite everyone present to take a moment to invoke the energy that they are releasing at this time. One by one, approach the bowl of water and offer everything that you are letting go of into the water. Immerse your fingers in the water and focus on the reflection of the moonlight as you make your offering. You may choose to speak out loud, or you may simply speak in your heart. Do whatever feels natural. When each person has taken their turn, offer prayers of gratitude before picking up the bowl of water and carrying it to the sea/lake/river/pond – whatever body of water you have available to you – even the bath tub would do! Hold the bowl aloft and pour the water carrying all that you are letting go of into the bigger body of water, signifying the Earth’s capacity to receive and transmute it all. Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation.

3) Another way to create closure is to write letters to Spirit about the people/situations that you are incomplete with and burn them, setting the past and the people involved free in the fire. Be sure not to project the emotional energy that gets stirred up on to any of the other people involved. This activity is not about retelling your story, but rather about expressing it completely so that you can see through it and let it go!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Garden Meditation Recording

I would love to know how you get on with this meditation, I found it took us into a deep space very quickly and the analogy of the garden felt easy and inspiring. Thanks to one of the participants in the Intention Setting Process for inspiring it :)

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Meditation to enhance your intention setting process

Here is an offering for everyone doing the 40-day intention setting process. Let me know how you get on...

The meditation that occurs to me is a metaphorical one of gardening. Sometimes the garden of our mind becomes overwhelmed with the weeds of past experiences and thoughts, judgements and evaluations. At these times, there's hardly any space for the new and beautiful flowers of our intentions to take root and blossom.

Make sure that you have a notebook with you or some pieces of paper to jot things down on and if possible, find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed.

Sit in a sacred place and allow yourself to settle. Take 5 deep slow breaths and feel the weight of your body resting on the earth.

Start by imagining a garden over-run by weeds. This garden represents your subconscious. In the garden, all the weeds are the fruits of past experiences, thoughts and judgements of yourself and others. Walk through the garden and find a spot that calls to you. Gently start pulling out the weeds and throwing them onto the compost heap, where Mother Earth can transform them into incredible nourishment for the seeds you are about to plant. Make sure you take out the roots, use a spade or trowel if you need to. Some of the weeds might be stubborn, like brambles are, and need a bit of working. Take your time, take out as many weeds as you can. As you are weeding, write down words to represent the weeds - names, memories, qualities of behaviour and offer them to the divine. Let them go.

Once you have a patch of ground that is free of weeds, take some beautiful seeds and start to plant them. The seeds represent all the aspects of your intention that you are aware of, for example creativity, compassion, patience, self-love, abundance, partnership.... whatever you can imagine fits into your intention, plant a seed of it. You can have a love bush, and a patience tree, blossoming creativity... an incredible garden that represents your intention.

Once the seeds are planted, collect water and gently water them. Say a prayer to the sun to shine on them and nourish them. Ask the angels to watch over them and support them as they grow.

Everyday, come back to the garden and tend to the seeds you have planted, pull out any weeds that start to grow back and make sure the new plants have water and nutrients. If you want to, you could invite friends and loved ones to dance and play with you there, or even help with the weeding and planting!

If there are further parts of the garden that you need to weed and plant, take the time to do that. If you tend to a small area everyday, soon you will have an amazing blossoming garden full of everything you need to fulfill on your intention!

I hope you enjoy this meditation, I plan to record it and make it available to you all in the next few days!

Blessings and Love

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Inspiration for Setting Intentions!

I thought some of you might appreciate this as an inspiration for setting your intentions and how to work with it during the 40 days!

Question: I'm in a place where 15 minutes is a big commitment, but I think it is the medicine I need. Can you offer some tips on setting an intention? I am wondering how broad or narrow it should be... For example, do you recommend one focus on healing a specific injury or on loving and respecting the body's needs?

Answer: What a fantastic question! Because it's a 40-day process I tend to encourage people to go with the bigger intentions to leave space for all sorts of insights to come to the surface that otherwise might be hidden.
It sounds like you really want to focus on the body, so perhaps the activity you could commit to would be something physically nurturing - 15 mins of self-massage, a hot bath, a nourishing walk etc. It doesn't have to be the same activity every day, it's the commitment that's important.
Through focusing your energy in a loving way, you get to see what blocks you - old/limiting beliefs, negative emotions about yourself, patterns of avoidance and so on.
Once we have engaged with these old patterns and faced them honestly, it becomes much easier to choose whether they really serve us or not. If not, we can ask for support and divine guidance to let them go and create something nourishing and NEW!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Transform your view of winter!

We are rapidly approaching 2012, well known as a profound transition time for the planet.  This months newsletter is an encouragment for us all to harness this opportunity for inner transformation, for ourselves and for our precious Mother Earth.

Winter is naturally a perfect opportunity to dive deep within; it is the cyclical time for introspection and contemplation.  We have the opportunity to use the external darkness to facilitate profound transformation in the core of our being. 

In early November we have a powerful opportunity to spend focused time anchoring our intentions for transformation in our daily lives: 11.11.11   Many people view the 11.11.11 as a chance to join together for powerful prayers for love, peace, light and unity in ourselves and across the planet.  World-wide people will be gathering, creating a powerful energy and focus. For further information, check out this months Upcoming Events below.

With such a powerful energy being created, I thought it would be wonderful to offer something to help carry the energy of the 11.11.11 into our daily lives, ground it and make it fully available.  Therefore, I will be offering a FREE 40-day Transformational Energy Healing process supported with daily group distance healings and prayer circles.  To participate, I invite you to set a powerful intention for yourself and set aside at least 15 minutes each day to focus on your intention either through meditation, journaling, conscious movement or creativity.  The general theme of the process will be Responsibility and Self-Actualisation.  I will be posting updates on my Facebook pageand blog as I go through the process myself and offer healings to support you.  I invite you to share your adventures and breakthroughs with us!  Working together as a group brings powerful energy to our endeavours and the daily group healings and prayer circles serve to intensify the energy and intentions we set.  This 41 day process will carry us up to Winter Solstice 2011, putting us in a fantastic space to launch into the New Year and welcome the coming of the light (in the Northern Hemisphere) from an empowered and energised place. 

I would love as many people as possible to participate!  Send me your name, photo and intention to and we will journey together until the Winter Solstice!  I look forward to sharing with you...